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DIY PPF Un-Cut Sheet

DIY PPF Un-Cut Sheet

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Do you have a car that we can't offer a template for? Or even just want to apply PPF to something you want to protect like a glass coffee table, screen or any other surface? This could be just for you. 

We're pleased to offer PPF sheets which are un-cut from our plotters. Select your width up to 1.5m and length up to 3m and use the film however you wish. 

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The best film on the market...


- Instant Healing
- Anti-yellowing
- Stain Resistant
- Super Easy to Install


Physical Contents

TPU - 150µm
Top Coat - 13µm
Adhesive - 30µm
Liner - 75µm
Overall Thickness - 193µm

"Our only mission is to help you protect your pride and job, from home"

The DIY PPF Team

  • Dan - Cardiff

    "Drives with freinds ruined the paint on my last car, I've just recieved delivery of my Yaris GR and have applied PPF at home from day 1! Very happy with the results so far"

  • Gerry - Sheffield

    "I used DIY PPF to protect my Porsche 911, the quality fo the film is amazing and fitting went well. Highly recommended"

  • Bradley - Doncaster

    "My third car successfully DIY PPF'd! Very happy with the continued great results, thank you team!"

  • Darren - Colchester

    "My car was professionally wrapped before I bought it, but they never did the headlights. Ordered just the lights with a super easy install."

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