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★★★★★ | 300+ Happy Customers!

Maserati Spyder (1992 - 1997) PPF Kit

Maserati Spyder (1992 - 1997) PPF Kit

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Product Details

How to order….

Place your order online and please provide us with a registration number and an image of the front of your car. This helps us ensure we're preparing exactly the right kit for your car.

What’s in the Box?

Each kit contains all the PPF pieces you will need to protect your car in Paint Protection Film.

Each kit includes:
✅ Free application kit
✅ All the necessary PPF pieces
✅ 5 year defects warranty

*Note free application kits are only available when not combined with any other offer.

What’s the difference between each kit?

Basic Protection - Covers the most vulnerable areas of your cars bodywork including the front bumper, headlights and the front section of your cars bonnet.

Front End Protection Pack - (Most Popular) Covers the highest impact zones of the front of your car. This kit includes Bumper, Bonnet, Wings, A-pillars and Wing mirrors for maximum driver's protection.

Full Car Luxe Pack - Covers your entire car for maximum protection against the elements, hazards and vandalism

Money Back Guarantee

We know that fitting PPF can be a daunting task which is why we have created the DIY PPF academy in association with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

After your order, you’ll be automatically enrolled into the DIY PPF academy. With over 30 step-by-step lessons teaching you the in’s and out’s of fitting DIY PPF to your car and the best bit, if you’re still unsuccessful after completing the course, we’ll give you your money back!

Shipping Info

  • Please allow up to 72 hours for our team to build and pack your order.
  • We use APC-Overnight for most of our deliveries within the UK.
  • UK Shipping is £9.95. USA and International orders are £25.

**Please note: All shipping timeframes are estimated. We prepare and make every kit to order to ensure we're getting it right for your specific car. This means we hold no stock of pre-prepared kits. During busy periods, this can mean we are a little slower to get your order out but bare with us and your kit will be with you asap!

PPF Care Instructions

How do you ensure that your ppl lasts a lifetime? It's a lot simpler than you might think.

Gently Wash: With DIY PPF’s hydrophobic layer it makes it easy to wipe-down your car anytime contaminants appear.

Cost-Effective: No need for frequent professional treatments or pricey cleaning solutions. You can save some serious money on car washes.

Extend Film Life: Proper care ensures your DIY PPF stays effective and efficient for years, protecting your car's value.

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    Step 1: Order Your Kit

    We take your reg and a car image after ordering and check manually to ensure you get the right kit for your vehicle.

    If it's not right, we'll replace it for free.

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    Step 2: Rewarding application

    Combining our simple 8 step process with a good amount of time makes for a super easy application at a fraction of the cost!

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    Step 3: Drive with Confidence!

    Replacement parts are available to order through our customer services team should you need them.

"This kit was so much fun to install and I feel so much more confident driving and protecting the value of my car"

Tom - Sheffield

Included with every order

DIY PPF Academy

✅ 33 Videos
✅ Step-by-step Video Tutorials
✅ Tool Recommendations
✅ Quiz to test your knowledge
✅ PPF maintenance and care tips
✅ Lifetime Access

100% Driver's Confidence

Ever had that sinking feeling when a pebble hits your car? Fear of scratches can take the joy out of driving and damage to your car isn't just about looks, it's about value.

Our DIY PPF kit puts those worries to rest. Protect your car, safeguard its value, and enjoy your drive.

DIY or Pro?

Customers who purchase from DIY PPF save, on average, £3,500 on damage repairs and prevent loss in the value of their vehicle's bodywork caused by scratches and paint chips!

Unbeatable Quality

We source globally for the finest raw materials. Unlike conventional films, our PPF boasts superior flexibility, durability, and clarity, ensuring optimal protection without compromising aesthetics.

Our PPF undergoes precision engineering, ensuring an impeccable fit for every vehicle model.

Our PPF is not just water-resistant; it's designed with advanced hydrophobic properties, ensuring water and contaminants swiftly roll off, maintaining a spotless shine.

Where other films may yellow or peel, DIY PPF remains unyielding against time and elements, a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.

Our Customers

Discover firsthand accounts from our DIY PPF customers who've embraced a smarter, cost-effective method to shield their vehicles

  • ★★★★★

    "Drives with freinds ruined the paint on my last car, I've just recieved delivery of my Yaris GR and have applied PPF at home from day 1! Very happy with the results so far"

    Dan - Cardiff 
  • ★★★★★

    "I used DIY PPF to protect my Porsche 911, the quality fo the film is amazing and fitting went well. Highly recommended"

    Gerry - Sheffield 
  • ★★★★★

    "My third car successfully DIY PPF'd! Very happy with the continued great results, thank you team!"

    Tom - Sheffield 
  • ★★★★★

    "Bought the Front end kit for my Porsche 911 and fit perfectly... The PPF fitting was pretty easy to get the hang of and made for quite a fun little project."

    Cameron - Yorkshire 

Got questions? we have answers!


What type of film does DIY PPF use?

We use a specially manufactured and fortified PPF film from our sister company PRO PPF.

You can find details of the film by visiting

Yes, the same film that supplies hundreds of detailers across the UK.

Our PPF is rated 5 stars by some majorly influential people across the motorsport industry.

So what’s the technology?…

We have spent years of research developing a unique blend of polymers that withstand most other common PPF issues.

Whilst most other PPF yellows over time… DIY PPF has built in UV inhibitors embedded in the material to prevent any breakdown and discolouration.

Our PPF uses a blend of high-quality polymers specifically designed to resist yellowing, stains and tears that cause your vehicle to look permanently dirty.

At DIY PPF we have developed a top coating designed to repel contaminants. 

Unlike most PPF manufacturers this extra step in film quality means that a hydrophobic layer ensures that water, oil, and other liquids bead up and roll off before they can embed and damage the material.

How Long will it take for my kit to arrive?

Please around 4-5 business days for your kit to arrive.

Each order is entirely custom made to ensure an exact fit.

Is the kit difficult to apply?

No, each one of our DIY PPF kits are designed for beginners.

If you take your time and follow our simple 8 step fitting process, you’ll get a great result.

Our feedback from our 300+ customers is overwhelmingly positive. They describe the fitting process as great fun and very rewarding!

Additional support is always available via E-mail and by other customers in our DIY PPF Car Hacks Community on Facebook!

How much will I save?

Our customers on average save £3,000 worth of PPF fitting costs.

Not to mention the costs saved from your car being protected from scrapes, bumps and vandalism.

Each car with fitted PPF is also reported to increase resale value.

And by saving an enormous fraction fitting the kits yourself you can purchase from DIY PPF with utter confidence and peace of mind.

Will the kit fit my car perfectly?

Yes! Absolutely, It comes perfectly cut to size.

The edges wrap around, exactly where they need too. And if there aren't any edges then thats how its supposed to be!

After checkout we will take details from you to ensure we’re preparing exactly the right kit for your car.

My car is ceramic coated, can I still apply PPF?

If your car has a ceramic coating, you may be able to apply PPF but you'll find that the PPF is much more resistant to sticking to the car as the ceramic coating is actively trying to repel it. We'd always recommend removing a ceramic coating from the car before applying PPF for this reason.

Will the PPF affect the appearance of my car?

PPF once applied is virtually invisible however, what it will do is protect your car from damage, swirl marks, bird dropping stains and UV damage for years to come making it look good as new.

If you specifically want a matte finish PPF then please either select this option at checkout or email our support team!

What happens if I make a mistake during installation?

If you make a mistake, don’t worry!

Our PPF is actually very forgiving and if it’s not been down for long, you can simply peel back up and re-apply.

If you make a mistake that damages the piece, you can re-order just that piece from us, you’ll go in a priority queue and your order shipped out asap to get you back underway.

What tools do I need for installation?

We include a specially made fitting kit with your PPF!

It includes 2 spray bottles,
concentrated slip solution, concentrated tack solution, a squeegee, a lint free microfibre and a clay bar to prep your car before installation.

This is everything you need to fit your kit.